Chemical elements

Curium Applications


The decay product of Curium-242 is Plutomiun-238, another source of alpha-radiation which then may be chemically separated and obtained as a pure substance. Plutonium-238 is used both in space ship power batteries and in heart stimulators. So the expired curium power generators may become an additional source of isotopic pure plutonium-238. A perfect solution for waste recycling!

In recent year heavier isotope, Curium-244 draws researchers attention. It is also an alpha-radiation source with less half-life, around 18.1 years. Its energy supply is correspondingly smaller, 2.83 W per gram. That makes it easier to work with in chemical and physical research because of weaker radiation influence. Curium-244 may even be held in hands, though in gloves and inside an absolutely hermetic glove box. It is also very important that Curium-244 may be obtained in large quantities. Kilograms of curium have already been extracted in USA.

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